Acunetix Premium - v9.0.20131107

New Features


  • Improved XSS testing script.
  • From an alert, clicking on the affected file takes the user to the file in the site structure. This is useful when additional information on the affected file is required (such as the referrers in the case of Broken links, or the source of the web page)
  • DOM XSS alerts will include more information (such as the HTML written for document.write)
  • Improved Code Execution script to find more specific issues and reduce the number of requests performed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing application deadlock.
  • Fixed false positives shown in broken links
  • Fixed some false positives with Script_Source_Code_Disclosure.script
  • Fixed DOM XSS false positives
  • Fixed an issue with Analyze_Parameter_Values script causing the script not to parse relative paths correctly
  • Fixed false positives with Slow HTTP Denial Of Server script