Acunetix Premium - v14.5.211008143

New Features

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Export to AWS WAF is now available in all pages which allow WAF Export
  • Updated Pre-request scripts, making it easier to update session header value
  • Updated the detection of WAFs to support new WAFs
  • Increased the detection of development files
  • Improved the JavaScript Library Audit checks


  • Fixed issue in Paros import
  • Fixed issue in scanner causing False Negatives when processing specific pages
  • Fixed issue in AWS WAF Export
  • Fixed issue in PHP Sensor not being detected when used in a large site with many files
  • Fixed issue causing pre-request scripts not to be loaded by scanner
  • Fixed 3 issues in Postman imports
  • Fixed False Negative in Django Debug Mode vulnerability check
  • Fixed issue causing high response times in UI caused by large quantity of Targets configured
  • Fixed false positive in "User credentials are sent in clear text" check