Acunetix Premium - v12.0.181012141

New Vulnerability Checks


  • License keys can now be updated via the Acunetix web UI
  • Additional memory improvements
  • Improved exclusion of parameters
  • Multiple updates to existing vulnerability checks
  • Improved CORS origin validation failure checks
  • Improved Pickle Serialization check


  • Manual Intervention was not working after a paused scan is resumed
  • Scans for some sites using Digest HTTP Authentication were stopping unexpectedly
  • Additional fixes for issues causing scans exiting unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue causing many product update requests when proxy authentication is incorrectly configured
  • Fixed: Some backup files / folders were not being identified
  • Some vulnerabilities were incorrectly reported in the site root
  • Fixed issue in similar page detection causing scans to take longer than expected
  • Fixed issue causing valid sessions not to be identified correctly during the scan