Acunetix Premium - v15.0.221007170

Note: There will be no new updates of the MacOS on premise installations. MacOS users can switch to Acunetix Premium Online, or use Acunetix On Premise in a virtual environment or on Docker.

New Features

New Vulnerability checks

  • Added check for Permissions-Policy header
  • Added check for unrestricted access to Karma monitoring interface
  • Added check for Go web application binary disclosure


  • SCA: Improved the detection of components used by JAVA web application
  • Updated to Chromium v106.0.5249.61
  • Updated PHP AcuSensor to better support web applications using the Slim Framework
  • Improved support for HTTP calls from Axios
  • Updated CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses to 2022 list of weaknesses
  • Scan results and scan reports will include the Acunetix version used to conduct the scan
  • Updated PHP sensor to report MongoDB injection
  • Updated PHP sensor to report Server-side Template Injection (SSTI)
  • Increased the detection of default GraphQL Introspection URLs
  • Implemented heartbeat for connections between scanner and AcuSensor bridge
  • Multiple DeepScan updates
  • Improved the auditing of JavaScript Libraries


  • Fixed issue which might cause Blind SSRF in the Issue Tracker and Proxy configuration
  • Fixed 3 authorization problems
  • Fixed memory exhaustion bug in Heuristic Links Verifier
  • Fixed: Malware was being reported when invalid / unknown malware was reported by Windows Defender
  • Fixed some crashes in the scanner
  • Updated Network scans to not abort if initial ICMP ping fails
  • Fixed error when sending vulnerabilities to Jira Issue Tracker
  • Fixed UI error when filtering vulnerabilities by time