Acunetix Premium - v12.0.190515149

New Features

  • Network Scanning via OpenVAS integration
  • Introduced support for IPv6 domains (IPv6 addresses not supported yet)
  • Dynamic resource allocation for when multiple scanners are started on the same machine
  • Improved resource usage for string comparison functions
  • Selenium scripts can now be used as import files

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Multiple improvements to the detection of Blind SQL Injection
  • Improved the Error Messages vulnerability check
  • Improved the Adobe Experience Manager tests
  • Improved detection of Java Deserialization and Mongo alert deduplication
  • Improved detection of Rails accept file content disclosure
  • Updated alert details for Oracle WebLogic Remote Code Execution via T3 (CVE-2018-3245)
  • Improved detection of Confluence
  • Improved PHP AcuSensor when used on nginx
  • Improved detection of PHP code injection
  • Updated Directory Traversal Check to make fewer requests
  • Multiple improvements to DeepScan and the LSR
  • Implemented support for WebSockets in LSR and Deepscan


  • Fixed a few crashes
  • Fixed issue causing Postcrawl scripts to not be executed on folders
  • Fixed: Custom cookies could be used twice when the application sets the same cookies
  • Cookie processing now ignores leading . in domain
  • Fixed issue with LSR when used on Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue with HTTP Authentication
  • Fixed false positive in Struts_RCE_S2-052_CVE-2017-9805
  • Fixed severity level for CSRF vulnerability check
  • Fixed False Negative in Mercurial repository found check
  • Fixed issue causing site structure not to be updated with locations identified by vulnerability scripts