Acunetix Premium - v15.6.230505122

New Security Checks

  • Added SAML-related security checks.
  • New security checks for Adobe ColdFusion affected by Deserialization RCE vulnerability. CVE-2023-26359/CVE-2023-26360
  • New security checks for GraphQL.
  • New checks for Joomla vulnerabilities.


  • Updated the embedded Chromium browser to v109.0.5414.141 for Windows and 112.0.5615.165 for Linux.
  • Improved the Business Logic Recorder to work with autocomplete fields.
  • Updated .NET IAST AcuSensor to avoid reporting false positives for default server misconfiguration.
  • Improved .NET IAST AcuSensor for reporting vulnerable packages.
  • Added support for file upload to the Login Sequence Recorder and Business Logic Recorder.
  • Improved response handling.
  • Various DeepScan Improvements.
  • Improved the coverage of development file exposure check.
  • Updated the Software Composition Analysis (SCA) database.
  • Updated the WordPress plugin vulnerabilities.


  • Various fixes in the scanner to lower memory usage.