Acunetix Premium - v6.5.20091215

New security checks

  • JBoss BSHDeployer MBean
  • JBoss checks from RedTeam’s paper
  • JBoss HttpAdaptor JMXInvokerServlet
  • JBoss Server MBean
  • JBoss ServerInfo MBean
  • JBoss Web Console JMX Invoker
  • phpShop v0.8.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities
  • Invision Power Board <= v3.0.4 Local PHP File Inclusion and SQL Injection


  • Improved Blind SQL injection tests to reduce false positives
  • Added better JBoss server detection
  • Better detection for Postgre SQL injections

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: GUI crashes when specific settings are changed in the Port Scanner node
  • Fixed: Login Sequence recorder was retaining post data when redirecting to the same page