Acunetix Premium - v9.0.20140115


  • WVS will warn user if the login sequence failed to make a successful login and disables the login steps.
  • Various improvements in the detection of Blind SQL Injection
  • Various improvements in DeepScan
  • Better handling of web servers that don’t send HTTP headers in the response (HTTP 0.9)
  • Improved Readme Files script
  • JSON parser can now handle unnamed inputs

Bug Fixes

  • XSS vulnerabilities are no longer reported if the initial request is redirected to another host
  • Fixed an issue with the Crawler depth limitation
  • Fixed issue with Crawler request counter when used with login sequence
  • “Add to request” function in HTTP Editor was not working in raw HTTP request tab
  • Fixed a bug that was causing false positives in the JavaScript Libraries Audit script
  • Fixed some false positives in Possible Sensitive Directories script.