Acunetix Premium - v14.4.210816098

New Features

  • Pre-request script support
  • New Log Data Retention options

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Max items shown per page can now be configured
  • Updated Deepscan to process hashes in URLs
  • Updated Chromium to v92.0.4512.0
  • Updated CSV export to include text only details
  • JavaScript Library Audit now supports merged JavaScript files
  • Added support for dev tools in standalone LSR
  • Multiple UI updates
  • Multiple LSR updates
  • Target knowledgebase will now be reset when Target settings are changed
  • Updated Selenium import to support selectFrame
  • Updated OWASP Top 10 report to include CVSS score
  • Updated Compliance report to include CWE
  • Added option to enable debuglogs for all Targets
  • Optimisations to the Java and Node.js AcuSensors
  • Improved support for Hapi framework in Node.js AcuSensor
  • Add support for find-my-way HTTP router in Node.js AcuSensor
  • Improved ionCube Loader-wizard information disclosure check
  • Improved cache poisoning DOS checks
  • Improved detection of Apache Struts2 Remote Command Execution (S2-052)
  • Improved detection of Directory Traversal vulnerabilities
  • Added option to skip testing of login form configured for the Target
  • Improved handling of Custom 404 pages


  • Fixed multiple crashes in the scanner
  • Fixed issue causing some requests to be done to restricted links
  • Addressed multiple Deepscan issues
  • Paused scans can now be Aborted
  • Fixed XPath Injection false positive
  • Fixed Bitrix Open Redirect false positive
  • Fixed Spring Boot Actuator false negative
  • Fixed issue in .NET Sensor Manager not showing buttons on lower resolutions