Acunetix Premium - v13.0.201217092

New Features

  • Big improvement in handling of CSRF tokens
  • Added support for ShadowRoot
  • Added support for MacOS Big Sur

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Updated the UI for the multi-engine system
  • Multiple updates to the PHP AcuSensor
  • Multiple updates to the Login Sequence Recorder
  • Scanning engine updated to support using proxy server with NTLM Authentication


  • Fixed issue causing the browser to fail to launch on Kali
  • Fixed issue causing AcuSensor not found message to not be displayed
  • Fixed false positive in Zend Framework LFI via XXE
  • Fixed false positive in Directory Traversal
  • Fixed false positive in Cookie(s) with missing, inconsistent, or contradictory properties
  • Fixed false positive in Apache Struts2 Remote Command Execution (S2-052)
  • Fixed issue in highlighting of vulnerability in response
  • Fixed issue with Slow Loris
  • Fixed issue in WADL importer
  • Fixed crash in scanner
  • Fixed minor issues in Comprehensive Report
  • Fixed issue causing Acunetix to lose license information