Acunetix Premium - v14.3.210615184

New Features

  • New SCA (Software Composition Analysis) for PHP, JAVA, Node.js and .NET web applications. Acunetix will report vulnerable libraries used by the web application when AcuSensor is used

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Updated .NET AcuSensor
  • .NET AcuSensor can be now deployed from CLI
  • User is notified when imported URLs are out of scope
  • Scan events are not shown in json any more
  • New column for Continuous Scanning in the Targets page
  • New filter in Targets page to easily identify Targets with debug enabled
  • Vulnerabilities page shows if the vulnerability was detected by a web or network scan
  • Merged Add Target and Add Targets options in UI
  • Custom Field, labels and tags can be configured for Issue Trackers
  • Platform Admin can now unlock locked accounts
  • New column in CSV export showing details in text only
  • Updated the way that AcuSensor token can be updated in the Target Settings
  • PCI DSS compliance report updated to PCI DSS 3.2.1
  • Compliance Reports updated to make use of the Comprehensive report template
  • Browser Dev tools can be used when LSR is started from CLI
  • Updated XFO check
  • Multiple UI updates
  • Improved false positive detection of out of band RCE and argument injection vulnerabilities
  • Multiple updates to the Postman import implementation
  • Updated JavaScript Library Audit to support merged JavaScript files


  • HSTS has been enabled for the AcuSensor bridge
  • Latest Alerts section of Scan results was not updated with AcuMonitor (OOB) vulnerabilities)
  • The Fragments was not clickable in the site structure
  • HSTS Best Practices was sometimes being reported multiple times
  • Fixed HSTS false negative
  • Fixed issue in the detection of Django 3 weak secret
  • Fixed issue causing GitHub labels not to be updated when changing Github issue Tracker Project
  • Fixed encoding issue in Node.js AcuSensor
  • Fixed issue causing corruption of Target knowledgebase
  • Fixed DeepScan timeout when processing Prototype JavaScript library
  • Fixed issue causing outdated JavaScript libraries check not to report external libraries
  • Fixed issue in Oauth password credentials grant