Acunetix Premium - v14.1.210316110

New Features

  • Web Asset Discovery, allowing users to discover domains related to their organisation or web assets already configured in Acunetix
  • New page showing all the Target FQDNs consuming a target license

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Acunetix updated to fully support NTLM Authentication for proxy authentication
  • Multiple LSR/BLR and DeepScan updates and fixes
  • Updated Chromium to v88.0.4298.0
  • Updated Postgres database to v13.2
  • Engines page has been updated to show the following:
    • Status (online or otherwise) for each Engine
    • The build number for each Engine
    • Any license issues are reported as part of the status for each Engine
  • Multi-Engine setups will start to automatically update the Engine only installations when the Main installation is updated
  • The UI will reload after Acunetix is upgraded
  • 'WAF Export' button renamed to 'Export to', and feature added to the Scans Page
  • Multiple updates to the Comprehensive report
  • Proxy Settings can now be specified for each Issue Tracker
  • Updated JavaScript Library Audit check to cover libraries not hosted on the scanned target
  • Users can now be created from the API
  • Updated CORS check


  • Fixed bug in "Vulnerabilities in SharePoint could allow elevation of privilege" check
  • Fixed issue causing check for updates to occasionally fail on MacOS
  • Fixed issue causing DOM XSS sink to not always be show the in the code extract displayed in the alert
  • Fixed issue caused when a custom collection is used in a TFS issue tracker configuration
  • Fixed issue in WordPress XML-RPC pingback abuse check
  • Fixed Deepscan crash
  • Fixed False Positive in Broken Link Hijacking check
  • Vulnerability CSV export now includes URL where vulnerability was detected