Acunetix Premium - v12.0.180517125

New Features and Vulnerability tests


  • Updated detection of Drupal installations
  • Changed to a more moderate definition of a Target for licensing purposes
  • Number of Targets and Users configured are now shown in the UI > Licensing section
  • UI now shows if the latest build is being used, and allows the user to check for updates manually


  • Multiple updates and fixes to the HTML parser
  • Multiple updates and fixes to the Acunetix UI
  • Auto-login was making unnecessary requests
  • Some vulnerabilities were showing 'null' URL
  • Data from AcuSensor was not being interpreted correctly
  • Account lockout settings were not being saved
  • Fix in the scanner which was making some vulnerability checks not to work
  • Some vulnerability checks making unnecessary requests
  • Some vulnerability details where not being encoded correctly
  • Custom 404 detection was not working
  • Fix in AcuMonitor affecting some tests
  • DeepScan was not interpreting correctly paths containing a dot