Acunetix Premium - v11.0.163541031

New Features

  • Acunetix Enterprise users can now generate their API key to be used for the Acunetix API (contact for more information on the API)
  • Selenium IDE files are now supported as Import files in Acunetix v11
  • The Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder can now edit login sequence files.

New Vulnerability Tests


  • The Acunetix UI will show a message when the license is not activated.
  • The Login Sequence Recorder will make use of the proxy settings configured for the Target.
  • Better handling of cookies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reports generated for targets that have not been scanned
  • Fixed allowance of empty Import Files to be uploaded for a Target
  • Some information returned by AcuSensor was not reflected in the vulnerability details
  • Fixed false positive in the ASP.NET debug mode check
  • Various minor updates and fixes