Acunetix Premium - v8.0.20130619

New Features


  • Reduced false positives in XSS detection
  • Improvements to Web Server Default Welcome Page script
  • Reduced false positives reported by Blind SQL Injection
  • Improvements in the detection of Sensitive Directories
  • Added patterns for Python error messages and stack traces in the Text Search script.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in PHP AcuSensor
  • In some situations, the Login Sequence Recorder misidentified connections to HTTPs sites when working through the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner proxy
  • Fixed crash in the crawler when external JavaScript files where processed from a site with AcuSensor enabled
  • Fixed a false positive in Microsoft IIS Tilde Directory Enumeration
  • Fixed issues where scheduled scans with recursion are not rescheduled if they cannot start because of scan restrictions
  • Fixed a bug with Amazon S3 Public Buckets audit KB items being reported multiple times