Acunetix Premium - v13.0.210129162

New Features

  • New AcuSensor for Node.js
  • New Target Knowledgebase records scan data which is used to improve future scans
  • New FQDN and Target filter in Grouped Vulnerabilities page
  • New FQDN column in Targets page

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Simplified User Profile page
  • Improved handing of HTML comments
  • Improved processing of sites using dynamic links
  • Improved parsing of JavaScript for new paths
  • Form input type is taken into consideration when processing forms
  • Scanner now supports NTLM Authentication for proxy authentication
  • multiple DeepScan updates
  • Comprehensive report updated to use time zone configured for Acunetix user
  • Added setting in settings.xml to choose which SSL cipher to be used by the scanner
  • Integrated LSR logs are now stored for troubleshooting purposes
  • Notify user when client certificate is required but not configured for Target
  • Improvements in MAC installation
  • PHP AcuSensor will start including Stack Trace
  • Multiple LSR / BLR updates


  • Filter items sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed minor UI glitch in multi-engine registration page
  • Multiple fixes in SlowLoris detection
  • Fixed scanner crashes
  • Fixed CSV injection in Target Export
  • Fixed UI issues in Target Groups page
  • Fixed formatting for issues pushed to Jira
  • Fixed issue when installing on Centos8