Acunetix Premium - v10.0.20150820

New Features

  • Added a test for Server-Side Template Injection vulnerability.
  • Added tests for new WordPress (core and plugins) vulnerabilities.
  • Added a test checking for Django Debug Mode


  • Improved CRLF injection/HTTP response splitting tests
  • Improvements to the XSS testing script
  • Updated Payment Card Industry (PCI) report to PCI 3.1
  • Updated DISA Application Security and Development STIG report to V3R10
  • LSR updated to support all SSL cipher suites

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in WSDL scanner
  • Various updates and fixes in the Login Sequence Recorder
  • DeepScan blocks on a specific sites
  • Fixed bug in Scan wizard
  • Crash in Scan wizard when choosing a non-existent login sequence file name
  • Crawler starturl was incorrectly set to http instead of https when importing from proxy log