Acunetix Premium - v9.5.20150119

New Features

  • Added a test for WordPress 3 Persistent Script Injection
  • Added multiple tests looking for User controllable tag parameter (like link href)
  • Added various tests for ASP.NET version disclosure, ASP.NET MVC version disclosure, Microsoft IIS version disclosure.


  • Upgraded to a newer version of OpenSSL
  • Improved the script looking for XSS vulnerabilities
  • Improved the script looking for URL redirect issues
  • Improved the script testing for SQL injections

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed parsing issues for specific formatted links
  • Fixed issue causing invalid files to be locked after drag-n-drop opening operation fails
  • Crawler was aborting too early if many files were identified during the crawl
  • If AcuSensor listed too many files at the beginning, crawler was stopping without actually crawling
  • Fixed a memory leak