Acunetix Premium - v6.5.20090519

New Features

  • File upload forms vulnerability checks

  • New Login Sequence Recorder; supports much more authentication forms and web technologies
  • Session Auto Recognition module; if the session is invalidated or logged out during crawling, the scanner will automatically replay the login sequence without the need of manual intervention
  • Actions drop down menu; for each selected node, the actions drop down menu is activated showing all possible functions
  • Much more checks and alerts for JSP, Java and Tomcat web server

Major Improvements

  • Improved cookie management and session handling to support modern dynamic websites
  • Port scanner and Network Alerts results will appear in a separate node in the results tree
  • Users can import Version 6 settings to Version 6.5
  • Added blind SQL injection timing test using MySQL’s sleep and MS SQL’s waitfor function. This will help in discovering particular blind SQL injections that do not report a change on the page