Acunetix Premium - v11.0.172351036

New Features and Vulnerability Tests

  • Detection of Apache Struts 2 Showcase RCE (CVE-2017-9791)
  • Check for .hgignore (Mercurial SCM configuration file)
  • Check for Atlassian Confluence Stored XSS (CVE-2016-6283)
  • Check for private key files with names based on ScanHost, e.g. "", ""
  • Check for moment.js Denial of Service (CVE-2016-4055)
  • Various updates to the WordPress and Joomla checks
  • Introduction of Multi-Engine functionality for Enterprise customers


  • Updated the Database backup file checks
  • Improved Jquery version fingerprinting
  • Updated detection of HttpOnly and Secure cookie flags
  • Updated default Target list sorting


  • Fixed XSS detection issue
  • Minor fix to the allow_url_fopen enabled check
  • Fixed F5 BIP-AP ASM WAF XML export
  • Fixed issue causing Acunetix not to be able to install on Chinese OS