Acunetix Premium - v14.8.220519149

New Features

  • JAVA IAST sensor now supports JBoss, Jetty and Wildfly JAVA Severs
  • Improved support for Servlet3 and Jersey JAVA Frameworks

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Various UI improvements
  • Improved detection of Directory Traversal vulnerabilities
  • Improved detection of Directory Listing vulnerabilities
  • Improved detection of development files
  • Several improvements to LSR / DeepScan


  • Fixed issue causing some vulnerabilities detected by AcuSensor not to show as AcuSensor verified
  • Fixed issue causing routes to not be listed by JAVA IAST sensor
  • Fixed 2 issues in Target CSV import
  • Fixed issue causing SCA not to be done on JAVA Spring boot web applications
  • Fixed issue causing some checks not to be executed on cookies with Secure flag