Acunetix Premium - v9.0.20131023

New Features

  • Introduced the detection of additional DOM XSS vulnerabilities which can be injected in the HTTP GET parameters.
  • Implemented the option to auto-save scan results after the scan is completed. This can be configured from Configuration->Application Settings->Saved scan results. This node also includes the Database settings, which are used for the reporting database.


  • Reduced number of requests made by PerFolder scripts by making some optimizations in the scripts.
  • Improved Readme_Files script to reduce some false positives originating from sites using a custom 404 page

Bug Fixes

  • Affected file was sometimes set incorrectly for DOM XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed an issue causing the scan to check for possible sensitive files/folders when AcuSensor is enabled, and thus such files would already be known.
  • Saving scan results to reporting database and loading of saved scans sometimes caused WVS to crash
  • The Edit Request Variables option in the HTTP editor was not visible
  • Fixed Out of memory crash in AcuSensor for PHP when “mbstring.func_overload” is enabled.
  • Fixed memory leak affecting large websites