Acunetix Premium - v12.0.191121158

New Features

  • New scanning algorithm resulting in faster scans
  • Scanner will give higher priority to locations which are dissimilar to ones that have already been scanned
  • JAVA AcuSensor now supports JAVA Spring Framework

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Deepscan is now caching static assets. This will result in faster scans
  • Improved memory consumption by the scanner
  • Improved processing of forms and form handling
  • Improved detection of paths
  • Scanner will now process commented out html
  • Updated command injection payloads


  • Fixed scanner crash
  • Fixed WAF detection false positive
  • Fixed: Check for Sensitive files was accessing restricted links
  • Fixed issue causing scanner to multi-line session validation pattern
  • Fixed: Some locations where incorrectly detected by DeepScan
  • Fixed issue causing integrated LSR to close due to Ad blocking
  • Fixed issue with HAR import files
  • Fixed issue in the detection of Weak authentication credentials
  • Fixed issue affecting the detection of DOM XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed issue in the detection of possible username and password disclosure
  • Fixed issue with recording restricted links in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: Tech Admin can now configure the engine to be used for a Target
  • Fixed issue affecting scanning of domains with international characters