Acunetix Premium - v13.0.200326097

New Features

  • Introduced support for processing of Swagger 2.0 files during scans
  • Introduced support for Swagger 2.0 files as import files
  • New Quarterly scheduled scan option
  • Users can change their password from the Acunetix UI

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Minor UI updates
  • Better reporting of scans interrupted due to network errors
  • Client Certificate address can now be configured for a Target
  • HTTP Authentication address can now be configured for a Target
  • Abort Scan after 25 network errors
  • Implemented Proof of Exploit for Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities
  • Improved showing Scan Duration for long scans
  • Acunetix can be installed in custom paths
  • Scan email notifications will include a PDF report if requested at start of scan
  • Email notifications can be configured for:
    • Product updates
    • Target notifications
    • Scan notifications
    • Report notifications
    • Monthly status updates


  • Fixed: On Reports page, Target address shows as N/A for Targets that do not have a Description
  • Fixed issue uploading import files larger than 1mb
  • Fixed issue whereby some addresses had missing a character in the report
  • Fixed false positive in Possible server path disclosure
  • Fixed issue causing the scanner to not following multiple redirects
  • Fixed 2 scanner crashes
  • Multiple fixes in WADL parser
  • Fixed: Case Sensitive Paths settings was sometimes not being taken into consideration
  • Fixed issue in Possible Sensitive Directories identifying incorrect locations
  • Fixed issue for users with expired passwords not given the option to change their password