Acunetix Premium - v6.0.20081028

New tools / Applications

  • AcuSensor Technology
  • Port Scanner and Network Alerts tool
  • Blind SQL Injector Tool

General improvements

  • Pause and Resume scan functionality
  • Option to mark an alert as false positive
  • Support for NTLM v2
  • Scanner can now gather a list of uncommon HTTP responses
  • Scanner can automatically stop if a number of network errors occure or web server does not respond.

User Interface improvements

  • Compare results tool now compares also Knowledge Base items and list of open web server ports
  • Possibility to quickly locate a vulnerability by using a filter while before only search was allowed
  • In Scanning profiles and Vulnerability Edior vulnerabilities are automatically sorted by name
  • In HTTP Fuzzer results can be sorted by clicking on header columns and changes in Fuzzer filters are automatically reflected in results window

Scheduler improvements

  • All scanning options are now available in scheduler
  • Option to configure the day of the week or month for a scheduled scan
  • Option to configure scan exclusion hours, i.e. when an ongoing scan should be paused and resumed