Acunetix Premium - v13.0.201028153

New Features

  • Logon Banner can be configured for Acunetix logon page (satisfies DOD Notice and Consent Banner requirement)
  • Added ability to export vulnerabilities to CSV (available as WAF Export option)
  • Added ability to export scan locations to CSV (available as WAF Export option)

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Improved handling of Swagger
  • The scanner will try to detect differences in the site using different user-agents
  • Various minor UI updates
  • Added Scan Profile used in Scan results
  • Business Logic Recorder cannot be used on Targets which require Manual Intervention
  • Updated Jira issue tracker
  • Improved error shown when checking for updates fails
  • Updated import file feature to support files using BOM
  • Comprehensive report tags vulnerabilities detected by AcuSensor and AcuMonitor


  • Fixed issue causing multi-line session detection not to be used during scan
  • Updated Jira issue tracker to use proxy server if configured
  • Fixed issue causing gzip encoded body of HTTP responses to become invalidated
  • Fixed: Printing the Coverage report would not print the sitemap in the report
  • Fixed issue causing some login forms not to be detected during the scan
  • Fixed timing issue when scheduling a scan for a future date
  • Fixed scanner crashes caused by specific import files
  • Fixed issue causing DeepScan not to be used on Kali Linux
  • Fixed false positive in Zend Framework LFI via XXE
  • Fixed issue causing some scans to fail because of the client certificate
  • Fixed issue causing LSR playback to fail for some scans
  • Fixed issue in New Scan dialog for Tech Admin users