Acunetix Premium - v8.0.20121003

New Features

  • Added a new option to allow offline activation of Acunetix WVS
  • Added heauristic input limitations in crawler for more efficient scanning

New Security Checks

  • SQL Injection tests for OpenX web application
  • Cross-site scripting checks for IBM Lotus Domino Web Server
  • Search for MySQL connection details when scanning a website
  • Detection of phpMyAdmin v3.5.2.2 backdoor


  • Further enhanced the XSS security check
  • Improved Remote file inclusion security check
  • Local file inclusion tests have been improved to better handle Java based applications
  • When importing scan results to reporting database using the console, the database scan ID will be reported

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when trying to stop the crawler and the CSA engine was still working
  • User specified client certificates are now being used by the Login Sequence Recorder
  • The exit button from LSR was not fully visible in some situations
  • Login Sequence Recorder now uses the configured scan settings templates
  • Manual browser now uses the correct user specified User-Agent string