Acunetix Premium - v12.0.190927120

New Features

  • Introduced new Scan Type: New Web Vulnerabilities to scan for new vulnerabilities introduced in the latest Acunetix update
  • Introduced ad-blocking in the scanner, resulting in faster scans
  • Implemented support for Session HTTP headers when logging in to the site
  • Introduced custom_settings.xml to configure settings from settings.xml, which are not overwritten on upgrade

New Vulnerability Checks


  • The scan will now report when an invalid Selenium script is used as an import file
  • Improved detection of the type of Burp import file being used
  • Increased limit on Custom Headers
  • Multiple improvements in DeepScan
  • The LSR Record button is disabled during Login Action playback
  • Acunetix will start reporting login forms when no login credentials are configured
  • The tester user will not be able to create or view reports


  • Fixed: Directory Traversal vulnerabilities were sometimes incorrectly reported as found with AcuSensor
  • Fixed: Several broken references in the vulnerability alerts
  • Fixed: HTTP Response was not shown in some vulnerability alerts
  • Fixed an issue causing DeepScan to take too long to process some locations
  • Fix in PHP Hash Collision DOS vulnerability check
  • Fixed: Integrated LSR was not working on IE11
  • Fixed: Selenium script playback fails for some scripts
  • Fixed: Session Detection fails if session pattern spans multiple lines
  • Fixed: LSR keeps showing the spinner on some pages
  • Fixed: LSR Session pattern was not always saved when detected using the navigation
  • Fixed: LSR Session pattern check might fail for in body / not in body patterns
  • Fixed: On some systems, Chromium processes cannot be terminated when generating PDF reports
  • Fixed: Passwords were recoverable from the UI
  • Better handling of HTTP timeouts by vulnerability checks