Acunetix Premium - v13.0.200930102

New Features

  • Export Scans to JSON (available as WAF Export option)
  • Added context-sensitive help for all pages in the UI. Clicking on the ? icon will open documentation for the specific page

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Numerous updates to the UI
  • Malware scan profile updated to check for Trojans
  • Scanner updated to receive newly discovered hosts from vulnerability checks
  • Updated Swagger 2 implementation to better cater for nested schemes/objects
  • Updated deduplication to better cater for network scans / vulnerabilities
  • Adaptive ciphersuite testing, reduces the average SSL/TLS scan duration by 90%


  • Fixed issue where no data was shown for archived scans
  • Fixed some minor issues with default filters
  • Fixed issue showing wrong Target count in license page
  • Fixed UI issue affecting Custom Scan Profiles
  • Fixed Possible Sensitive Files / Folders to use the Case Sensitive Paths setting for the Target
  • Fixed issue in Reverse Proxy Detection check