Acunetix Premium - v11.0.170941159


  • The IP address or hostname of the Acunetix machine can be specified during the installation. This information is used to generate the SSL certificates used for the UI. This is required to avoid SSL errors
  • Update to Login Sequence Recorder and DeepScan improving compatibility with modern web applications
  • Target information is shown in “Scan Done” UI notifications
  • Various minor updates to the UI
  • Scan email notifications now include links to the scan results. Report email notifications include links to the report
  • Multiple updates to the WordPress and Joomla vulnerability checks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed false positives caused by the PHP AcuSensor
  • Fixed 2 privilege escalation issues reported privately to Acunetix
  • Fixed false positive in WAF detection
  • Fixed UI issue caused by certain characters in the Target Description field