Acunetix Premium - v8.0.20120704

New Security Checks

  • Added a number of new HTML 5 Cross-site scripting security checks
  • Content-type text /xml responses are now being checked for XSS vulnerabilities
  • Using Windows 8.3 short filenames techniques to check for information disclosure
  • Checks for Microsoft IIS Tilde directory enumaration problems
  • A number of new security checks for Webadmin
  • Checking for MySQL, RubyonRails and phpMyAdmin SQL dump files on web applications
  • File disclosure via XXE Injection tests for Zend Framework
  • Information disclosure checks in environment variables


  • Improved Directory Traversal security checks
  • Less false positives reported by the HTML Forms security checks

Bug Fixes

  • Custom cookies paths are now set correctly to the start URL
  • Login Sequence Recorder now executes Javascripts even if there are js errors
  • New discovered input parameters variations are added to the list of input variations rather than ignored