Acunetix Premium - v13.0.200807155

New Features

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Created and Last Updated dates are available for vulnerabilities
  • Order of section in Comparison report updated to be more intuitive
  • Target Address is shown in full in the UI
  • /users/ endpoint is now available in the API


  • Fixed issue when exporting vulnerabilities to WAF which contained CVSS3.1
  • Fixed issue causing custom user-agent to not be used in all requests during a scan
  • Fixed issues causing some vulnerabilities not to be well formatted when sent to JIRA issue tracker
  • Fixed issue when adding JIRA Issue Tracker in Acunetix Online
  • Fixed issue caused when adding Targets to an existing Target Group
  • Minor fix in Comprehensive report text
  • Fixed UI issue showing blank list (Scans, Targets etc) when using the browser's back button
  • Fixed issue caused by scanning Targets with complex GraphQL schemas