Acunetix Premium - v14.6.211207099

New Features

  • Scanner supports detecting HTTP/2 vulnerabilities

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Improved handling of Laravel CSRF tokens
  • Added possibility to restrict scanning a Target using the Main Installation’s scanning engine
  • Added ability to configure blocking of requests to Ad services
  • Multiple UI updates
  • Multiple DeepScan updates
  • Multiple updates to the PHP AcuSensor


  • Fixed: SQLi false negative caused when AcuSensor is installed
  • Fixed: Incremental scans not starting when scheduled via Jenkins plugin
  • Fixed: 2 issues in .NET sensor injector CLI
  • Fixed: Node.js sensor not working on https sites
  • Fixed: Not all paths are importing from specific Burp state file
  • Fixed: Scanner crashes when parsing specific GraphQL and Swagger 2 files
  • Fixed: Specific excluded paths can cause the scanner to hang
  • Fixed: multiple scanner hangs
  • Fixed: Race condition between LSR and BLR
  • Fixed: Imported urls ignored when site redirects from http to https
  • Fixed: Incorrect permissions for some Acunetix files / folders on Linux / Mac