Acunetix Premium - v8.0.20120305

New Security Checks

  • Scanning of Web Statistics Software Applications such as AWStats and Webalizer. Acunetix WVS crawls the result pages of your website(s) statistics software application and notifies you if sensitive data is disclosed in such pages.
  • Automatic checks for ASP Code injection vulnerability.
  • Further security checks for SQLite Databases.
  • Security checks for Rails Mass Assignment.

New Features

  • Ability to stop the website crawling and proceed with the scan at anytime.
  • Posibility to choose a scan report template that you would like to use when scheduling a scan.


  • Scripts are being executed faster thus the scans are taking less time to complete.
  • Improved security scripts for Blind SQL injection, Remote File Inclusion XSS, File Inclusion and Directory Traversal.
  • If a variant check for a specific vulnerability times out, the next variant checks assigned for that type of vulnerability will be launched automatically.

Bug fixes

  • Crawler: input encoding was not correct for _EVENTTARGET = and /
  • Ansi string was not working correctly when using specific languages other than English.