Acunetix Premium - v6.0.20081209

General improvements

  • Optimized large portions of the code to improve speed
  • Optimized Progress text for scripts and port scan
  • Show progress on ScanInfo frame

Bug Fixes

  • Module tm_backup_files - can make tests like {filename}{test}{extension} (e.g. file1.php from file.php)
  • Crawler was not sending the custom cookies for the first request reporter crash on settings read (only try/except)
  • Fixed crash in “import scan results to database” when the scan was running
  • SSL certificate validity year fix
  • Fixed a bug in parameter manipulation. Crashing when Combination was nil (no values)
  • Error in interpreting redirections of type “?getvar=value”
  • Fixed jsessionid session fixation test
  • Fixed Activation in v6 for Windows Vista.
  • Fixed a problem with Authentication Tester (the app was not recovering when an invalid protocol was specified as target) - Reported by Harutyun Sardaryan
  • Fixed a crash in HTTP Fuzzer - Reported by Harutyun Sardaryan
  • Fix in Blind SQL Injector: On UNION SELECT based string extraction when httpencoding is applied the last char was eaten