Acunetix Premium - v11.0.173131028

New Features and Vulnerability Tests

  • Added support for Selenium scripts as Target Import files
  • Introduced various vulnerability checks for CMS Made Simple including:


  • Various minor UI updates
  • Improved handling of aborted scans for Targets with Continuous scanning enabled
  • Increased Custom Cookie size limit from 512 bytes to 10Kb (2Kb for Acunetix Online)
  • Added new email templates
  • Email notification now indicates if a scan has failed
  • Multiple minor updates to the reports
  • Updated the Error Message script to show full JAVA error messages
  • Tech Admin role can now create and alter Scan types.


  • Scan Comparison was incorrectly switching the order of the scans
  • Scan Comparison was incorrectly comparing with Allowed host
  • Fixed bug in the licensed user limit
  • Fixed bug causing scans to fail when the LSR contains Unicode characters
  • Multiple fixes in XML export
  • Multiple fixes in F5 WAF rules export
  • Fixed 2 minor security issues in web interface
  • 2 fixes affecting incorrect vulnerability count in Dashboard
  • Fixed the retesting of vulnerabilities for Targets requiring manual intervention
  • Fixed the Targets page incorrectly showing that the Target is being scanned, when an ongoing scan is deleted.