Acunetix Premium - v15.4.230222085

New features

New security checks


  • Added the Heuristic server-side routing detection to optimize attacks.
  • Updated the embedded Chromium browser to v109.0.5414.119.
  • Added the company name field to the registration process to Acunetix.
  • Updated the issue tracker integrations to show the link to the relevant ticket created in those issue trackers.
  • Updated the DISA STIG report to version 5.2.
  • Improved the CSV importing link to limit the target limit to 500.
  • Improved the scanner engine to reduce the memory footprint.
  • Improved the .NET IAST sensor to mask any password.


  • Fixed the pagination bug on the Targets page.
  • Fixed the crawler issue that the page becomes unresponsive when it contains many elements.
  • Fixed the single-page application crawler to be consistent in the form submission.
  • Fixed a notification bug that does not redirect users to the correct URL for the finished scan.
  • Fixed the bug that does not refresh the user interface after the update.