Acunetix Premium - v15.5.230326230

New feature

Security checks

  • Improved the Server-side prototype pollution check.
  • Updated the WordPress plugin vulnerabilities.
  • Updated the software composition analysis database.


  • Added sitemap parser to better handle the sitemap files.
  • Improved the user interface to remove the hyperlink for websites that users do not have permission to.
  • Improved scanner to identify XSS in forms where these forms are protected with a CSRF token that is changing each time the page is refreshed.
  • Increased limit for data exchanged between IAST AcuSensors and the Acunetix engine.
  • Improved the token validator for new Jira tokens.


  • Fixed the OpenVAS service on Acunetix Premium Online to avoid the scan queue.
  • Fixed bug causing some vulnerability checks to not execute on scans which are paused and resumed.
  • Fixed issue with the request header limit for Github/Gitlab issue trackers.
  • Fixed the issue of sending issues to Bugzilla.
  • Fixed the bug that threw an internal server exception when a system admin tries to add a new user.
  • Fixed the UI bug that appeared when the target is network.
  • Fixed the issue that rejected locations and schemes are still being scanned.
  • Fixed the issue with the corrupted links that are sent via email after the scan.
  • Fixed the password reset issue.
  • Fixed possible false positive misconfiguration "ASP.NET expired session IDs are not regenerated"