Acunetix Premium - v23.11.231123131

New features

  • Every user can now choose which email notifications they receive by setting their individual preferences located in their User Profile
  • For Acunetix On-Premises customers, email server settings have been moved under the Settings menu
  • You can now open Acunetix on multiple tabs without needing to log in with every new tab you open
  • We've added CVSS 4.0 scores to some vulnerabilities — You'll find the CVSS 4.0 score and vector displayed next to the old score (3.1/3.0/2.0, whichever is highest) in the UI and API
  • For Acunetix On-Demand customers, user management is now available under Settings > Users & Access. Here you'll find the user list with some new filter options and a new way to create user accounts by generating an invitation link (the user specifies their own password instead of the administrator).

New security checks


  • Email notifications now have the option to include a direct link for downloading PDF reports. Previously it was necessary to log in to Acunetix to download PDF reports.
  • Updated the Chromium Build to 119.0.6045.123/.124
  • Enhanced IAST .NET sensor detection capabilities
  • Improved location detection when using LSR
  • Improved scanner stability for select environments
  • Improvements to handling OpenAPI specifications
  • Multiple improvements to the SQL Injection vulnerability checks


  • Fixed an issue that was causing Amazon WAF exports to fail
  • PDF reports now display information that was previously being cut off