Acunetix Premium - v23.9.230927167

New features

  • Added critical severity as a new vulnerability classification and reclassified select high vulnerabilities to critical severity – more information on the Acunetix blog
  • Added the ability to specify proxy settings for the Internal Scanning Agent

New security checks

  • Acunetix now detects the following SSL vulnerabilities:
  • Certificate signed using a weak signature algorithm
  • Revoked SSL certificate
  • Anonymous ciphers supported
  • SSL untrusted root certificate
  • Confirm validity of Certificate Authority (CA) signature


  • Updated the user agent string to Chromium 117
  • Updated Chromium to 117.0.5938.63
  • Fixed misbehaving scrolling behavior in the LSR recorder screen
  • Improved detection of DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities
  • Moved license subscription details from the Profile section to Settings > Subscription
  • Improvements to DeepScan coverage
  • Improvements to the UI during scan configuration
  • Set client certificate import default format to PFX


  • Engine/Open SSL: Fixed scanning sites that require connection with enabled legacy unsafe renegotiation
  • Minor UI navigation fixes
  • Fixed occasional crash on importing Postman files
  • Fixed false positive “ASP.NET expired session IDs are not regenerated“ when <sessionState> section of web.config is encrypted