Acunetix Premium - v24.4.240427095

New features

New security checks


  • Fixed the password reset tool for Windows for Acunetix On-Premises
  • .NET Core IAST Sensor: Removed dependency on NLog
  • Various improvements in Deepscan, lessening the time to process pages / SPAs
  • Deepscan updated to not interact with Google Maps
  • Updated detection for monitoring systems
  • Updated detection of web installers


  • Correct warning is now displayed when attempting to add more than permitted target variations
  • Addressed several usability and design issues across application settings
  • Fixed a possible problem starting OpenVAS scans with Acunetix On-Premises
  • Design updates for User settings in Acunetix Online
  • Fixed an issue in the PHP sensor affecting PHP 8.1+ web applications
  • For users in a User Group, target group assignment is properly applied under all scenarios
  • Fixed a user permission issue when using custom roles
  • Invite emails from Acunetix On-Premises for Linux are properly displaying content now
  • Fixed the OOM (out of memory) problem when processing large PDF files