Knowledge Base Report

In Acunetix 360, the Knowledge Base Report provides detailed information about the scan.

The scanner enables you to discover attack surfaces and perform security testing. It lists vulnerabilities and issues, grouped by severity. It also lists additional and useful information about the scan to highlight other potential security issues. These issues are not classified as vulnerabilities but still can help attackers tailor attacks against your web application.

  • You can access that information in Acunetix 360 from the Knowledge Base tab.
  • If you want all that information in a single document, you can generate the Knowledge Base Report in HTML or PDF formats.

Additional information is sorted into groups, such as the number of Comments and Cookies, Crawling Performance and Scan Performance, and Slowest Pages.


Click to view a sample Knowledge Base Report.

For further information, see Overview of Reports, Built-In Reports, and Knowledge Base Nodes.

Scan Metadata

This provides such details as:

  • Scan Target
  • Scan Time
  • Scan Duration
  • Description
  • Total Requests
  • Average Speed
How to Generate a Knowledge Base Report in Acunetix 360
  1. Log in to Acunetix 360.
  2. From the main menu, click Scans, then Recent Scans. The Recent Scans window is displayed.

  1. Next to the relevant scan, click Report. The Scan Summary window is displayed.

  1. Click Export. The Export Report dialog is displayed.

5. From the Report dropdown, select Knowledge Base.

6. From the Format dropdown, select an option.

7. Click Export. You can view the Report in the saved location.


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