Built-In Reports

Acunetix 360 has several built-in reports that provide you with both an overview and an in-depth look at the security state of all your websites and web applications.

  • It also has a Reporting tool that allows you to generate your own statistical reports, allowing you to better manage the security of all your web applications.
  • You can also export the scan results as either an HTML or PDF Detailed Scan Report, or several other report types such as a list of all identified vulnerabilities in XML format.

For further information, see Generating and Viewing Statistical Reports in Acunetix 360, Report Templates and Lists.

Generic Trend and Status Security Reports

From the global, websites group or single website dashboard in Acunetix 360 you can get a good overview of the security state of all your websites.

For further information on reports available on the Dashboard, see Viewing the Global Dashboard in Acunetix 360.

Trend Matrix Reports

The Trend Matrix Report allows you to see correlated trending data about the status of the identified vulnerabilities throughout several scans. It will provide you with detailed information about every vulnerability that was identified on a single website, such as when it was found, fixed, if it was revived in future scans etc.

You can access the Trend Matrix report from the Scan Summary Dashboard in Acunetix 360, which displays scanning information for a single website (see How to View the Scan Summary Dashboard in Acunetix 360).

From the Trend Matrix Report, you can see when a vulnerability was identified, fixed, and maybe even identified again in later scans. Therefore, apart from allowing you to get an overview of the security state of a website, the trending report also allows you to easily track the progress and work of the developers.

Scan Results Report

Once a web security scan is ready you can also access the report of that scan in Acunetix 360, from where you can see all the technical details about every identified vulnerability.

How to View the Scan Results Report in Acunetix 360

Scan results are generated automatically in Acunetix 360.

  1. First, run a scan.
  2. From the main menu, click Scans, then Recent Scans.
  3. Next to the relevant scan, click Report. The Scan Summary Dashboard is displayed, showing the scan results for that website.

For further information, see Viewing the Scan Summary Dashboard in Acunetix 360.

How to Find the Scan ID of a Report
  1. Run a report (see Scan Results Report).
  2. In the report's URL (which is similar to 'https://online.acunetix360.com/scans/report/[ScanId]/'), find the ScanId, and keep it somewhere safe. You will need the value of the ScanId later to identify the base scan of the Incremental Scan.


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