Site Profile Node

The Site Profile node provides valuable and critical information on your web application. This includes information about the technologies used such as JavaScript Libraries, Database Server, and Operating System. Further, the scanner detects the version of technologies used and determines whether it is up to date or not. If any of the technologies are out-of-date, Acunetix 360 highlights them in red and bold.

Attackers can use these out-of-date technologies to attack your web application, as some of them may have known vulnerabilities or bugs. Companies release patches to fix these issues. If they remain unpatched, attackers can easily exploit them.

Once the scan is completed, all Site Profile information is listed under the Site Profile node in the Knowledge Base. You can access the same information in the Knowledge Base Report and Knowledge Base Tab.



Acunetix 360 forms Knowledge Base nodes on its findings. However, if the target web application does not expose its fingerprint, no site profile will be built and therefore the Site Profile node will not be displayed.

For further information, see Knowledge Base Nodes.
How to View the Site Profile Node in Acunetix 360
  1. Log in to Acunetix 360.
  2. From the main menu, click Scans, then Recent Scans. The Recent Scans window is displayed.
  3. Next to the relevant website, click Report.
  4. From the Technical Report section, click the Knowledge Base tab.
  5. Click the Site Profile node. The information is displayed in a Site Profile tab.


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