Acunetix releases Java 17 IAST sensor and a new update for Docker and Linux

A new Acunetix Premium update is now available for Windows and Linux. Read on to learn how this update impacts your Acunetix installation.

Updating to Acunetix 24.1

Acunetix version 24.1 introduces changes to the mechanism that manages services for Acunetix On-Premises for Docker and Linux. In order for the changes to take effect, customers running Acunetix On-Premises with Docker or Linux will need to manually update to version 24.1.

Acunetix Online customers will automatically update to version 24.1 as usual.

How to manually update Acunetix

Manually updating Acunetix On-Premises for Docker or Linux requires reinstallation of Acunetix. The new installation will detect your older version and proceed with updating it to the latest version.

Click the relevant link below for instructions to manually update to Acunetix 24.1.  

Java IAST sensor

Acunetix Premium 24.1 includes a new Java IAST sensor that supports Java 17. Although the current (older) Java IAST sensor will continue working, we recommend updating to the new Java sensor if you use AcuSensor for Java.

How to update the Java sensor

  1. Remove the current sensor.
  2. Install the new sensor.

For instructions to remove the current sensor and install the new sensor, refer to the documentation relevant to your JAVA setup, available here:

If you don't have Java IAST yet and would like it, you can install the new sensor after updating to Acunetix Premium 24.1. For more information, refer to Installing the AcuSensor agent for JAVA websites.