Configuring Child Accounts

The scanning and reporting tasks of scan targets can be delegated to other people within the organisation using Child Accounts. These Child Accounts are Acunetix users which can be given permissions to create scan targets, scan them or report on them, all through your Root account. The original account retains control over which child accounts can access which specific scan targets and functionalities.

Note: This feature is only available to licensed users.

Child Account Roles

When creating a child account, you need to select a role for the user. There are 4 roles that you can choose from, which are Tech Admin, Tester / Auditor, Tester or Auditor. Depending on the role selected, the user will be able to create, edit, scan and delete Scan Targets, view scans and generate reports. The following table summarises the permissions available for each role

Creating a Child Account

To create a Child Account:

  1. From your Account menu (top right), select Users.
  2. Click the Create button to create a new child user on your account
  3. Insert the email address, name and surname of the new child account.
  4. Select the Role for the new user. Child Account Roles are explained above.
  5. Click Create to create the new user
  6. After you create the user, you will need to permissions to specific Scan Targets or Scan Target Groups. You can also choose to give access to all Scan Targets on your account (keeping in mind the Role selected for the user)
  7. Click Update after configuring access to the Scan Targets.


  • When a user is given access to all Scan Targets, the user will maintain access to all new Scan Targets created thereafter.
  • When a user is given access to a Scan Target Group, the user will retain access to the Scan Targets that are added to the Scan Target Group thereafter. Similarly, the user will lose access to the Scan Targets that are removed from the Scan Target Group.
  • Tech Admins can create new Scan Targets and they can decide to add them to Scan Target Groups on which they have privileges.

Managing Child Accounts

You can manage all your Child Accounts from the Users option. From here, you can instantly review the roles given to each user. You can also give access to all Scan Targets to individual users, Disable users and Remove users from your account.

Auditing Child Accounts

The Master Account can audit all the actions done by all the Child Accounts. This can be done from the Activity Log, which can be accessed from the Account menu. Child accounts will have access to a similar Activity Log, however this will only show the activities that they have affected.

The Activity Log can be filtered by User, Type of log and Log Severity.