Configuring Web Application Firewalls

You can use Acunetix scan results to configure your Web Application Firewall to mitigate discovered vulnerabilities.

Acunetix has built-in functionality to create export files for a number of WAF products, as well as more generic formats such as CSV and XML. You can get additional generic information about exporting scan results to WAFs here.

Some Web Application Firewalls, however, require direct integration using their APIs.

In the case of Amazon's AWS Web Application Firewall, you can configure your own WAF settings in Acunetix.

Create WAF Settings

  • In the Acunetix UI, click on "WAFs" in the sidebar
  • Click on the "Add WAF" button

  • Set the "Name" field to describe the WAF – for this example, we have used "CloudFront Portal 01"
  • Set the "Platform" field to "AWS"
  • Set the "Scope" field:
  • For global applications, select "Cloudfront"
  • For regional applications, select "Regional"
  • If you set scope to "Regional", you next neet to select your "Region" - for this example, we have user "US East (Ohio)"
  • Set the "Access Key Id" field and the "Secret Access Key" pair; you can create your keys pairs in your AWS account as follows:
  • Login to your AWS account

  • Click on your profile name, and select "My Security Credentials" from the drop down menu

  • Expand the "Access keys" panel and click on the "Create New Access Key"

  • Click on the "Show Access Key" link

  • Take a note of your Access Key ID and your "Secret Access Key"
  • Set the "ACL Id" field to your AWS Web ACL Id
  • Set the "ACL Name" field to the name of your AWS Web ACL
  • Set the "Proxy Type" field to one of the following:
  • "System" - use the web proxy settings configured in your Acunetix Settings
  • "No Proxy" - do not use a web proxy
  • "Custom" - use custom proxy settings only for this WAF configuration; you will need to set the Address and Port where the proxy server is listening; if the proxy server requires authentication, you will also need to set the username and password
  • Click the "Save" button to save your WAF configuration

Sending Vulnerability Data to your WAF

To mitigate vulnerabilities found during your scanning activities, from the vulnerabilities page:

  • Select those vulnerabilities you wish to mitigate
  • Click the "Export to" button
  • Select the WAF configuration you created earlier – for this example, we have used "CloudFront Portal 01"

This will upload the required information to your WAF directly.


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