Installing the AcuSensor agent for JAVA websites

Acunetix JAVA Acusensor requires Tomcat (7+) and Java (1.7+). Current testing is with Tomcat 9 and Java 1.8.

The AcuSensor agent will need to be installed in your web application. The following sections describe how to deploy AcuSensor to a JAVA web application.

The Java AcuSensor requires:

  1. Deploying aspectjweaver.jar into your web server - provides the integration required for AcuSensor to work with your application
  2. Deploying the Acunetix Java AcuSensor into your web server - this is unique for each Target, and can be downloaded by using the Download JAVA AcuSensor button
  3. Configuring your web server to use Load Time Weaving (AspectJWeaver)

There are many possible configurations for a JAVA web server. The following sections look at the more common web server configuration possibilities.

Use one of the following links for more details on how to Deploy AcuSensor for JAVA on your Web Application.


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