Import Scan Results into Citrix Web App Firewall


  • Your Citrix system configuration needs to be completed according to the networking environment surrounding your web application
  • You must have completed a scan in Acunetix and created a WAF export file in Citrix format

Import Vulnerability Export data into Citrix Web App Firewall

  • Go to Configuration -> Security -> Citrix Web App Firewall -> Signatures

  • Click the "Add" button

  • Set File Format to External
  • Click on Choose File and select your WAF Export File
  • Set the Built-in XSLT field to Acunetix
  • Click on the Open button

  • In the next page:
  • Set a Name for your Signature
  • Optionally add a Comment for your Signature
  • Select the checkboxes for each of the roles you wish to enable, click on the Select Action dropdown and select the Enable Rule option

  • Click on the Yes button to confirm enabling of the rules
  • Click on the OK button to save the new signature

Congratulations! Your WAF export has now been integrated into your Citrix Web Application Firewall Signature set.


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