Jann Horn reported a MySQL injection vulnerability in lighttpd (a lightweight webserver) version 1.4.34 (and earlier) through a combination of two bugs:

  • request_check_hostname is too lax: it allows any host names starting with [ipv6-address] followed by anything but a colon, for example:
  •   GET /etc/passwd HTTP/1.1
      Host: [::1]' UNION SELECT '/

  • mod_mysql_vhost doesn't perform any quoting; it just replaces ? in the query string with the hostname.

mod_evhost and mod_simple_vhost are vulnerable in a limited way too; a pattern: evhost.path-pattern = "/var/www/%0/" with a host "[]/../../../" leads to document root of "/var/www/[]/../../../", but as "/var/www/[]" usually doesn't exists this fails (this might depend on the operating system in use). If there exist directories like "/var/www/[...]" for IPv6 addresses as host names (or a user can create them) mod_evhost and mod_simple_vhost are vulnerable too.


Upgrade to the latest version of lighttpd or disable mod_mysql_vhost.


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